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The Hosts

Christopher Calderon

As lifelong Yankees fan, Chris has always enjoyed talking baseball to anyone who wanted to hear about it, and much to his fiance’s chagrin, people who did not want to hear about it as well. He is the technical mind of the show and handles, editing the podcast, keeping the site up to date, and all the other fun stuff involved with running a baseball blog/podcast.In his free time he paints and plays far to much video games, you can also see some of his work at www.ProjectNeoX.com

Luke Lowry

Life long Mets fan via Brooklyn Dodgers fan grandfather. If you hate the opens to the show, you hate me. I hate you too. But way more likely, you love the opens and I love you too. Let’s never fight again. But don’t you ever fucking cheat on me or so help me…

Jeff Morehouse

Entitled Yankee fan. Saw a few bad years before the dynasty started so I get to say “I remember the lean years for Yankee fans” when in reality, I’m just as spoiled as all the other Yankee fans under 30.

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